Letters to the Editor

Bike laws: One man’s interpretation isn’t always the right one

D. Newman states in his July 6 letter (“Vehicle code leaves no room for cyclist riding two abreast”) that it is the law that bicyclists ride single file.

He even states (part of) a section in the vehicle code CVC21202.A.

Here is the rub: Nowhere in this section is any reference made to riding single file.

It also makes no reference to riding two or more abreast being illegal. Read it.

His interpretation is “as close as practicable to the right” means single file.

One of the exceptions to “as close to the right” in that section is when there is not enough room for a bicycle and a motor vehicle to operate safely side by side. If one accepts Mr. Newman’s interpretation of the law, then it would be legal to ride two or more abreast on a road with a narrow lane and no shoulder!

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning blocking the road or impeding traffic. I am simply pointing out what the law says and what it does not.

Share the road means just that — share.

Not: Bicyclists get out of my way!

Chris Black, San Luis Obispo