Letters to the Editor

Templeton Fourth of July parade is the wrong place to force abortion views

On the Fourth of July, a group took advantage of the Templeton parade for its political mission by driving a truck with a divisive anti-choice message.

They threatened a community organization run by volunteers in a display that did nothing to encourage patriotism, cooperation and general positive will.

Despite the fact that public schools must get permission to engage students in any conversation about sexual education, no one asked my permission to hold a sex-ed conversation with the children lining my sidewalks on the Fourth of July. No one asked my permission to talk about abortion over water balloons and candy. Such activity is a violation of my parental rights, as anti-choice activists have been so quick to point out when the tables are turned.

If sexual education is protected in schools, it must also be protected within any city- or state-sponsored event.

Women faced with unwanted, unplanned or potentially dangerous pregnancy do not feel free. If we are to celebrate freedom in this parade, we ought to celebrate giving women the right to choose what happens to their bodies.

I fully support the Templeton Kiwanis Club in their efforts to change policies and standards for next year’s parade.

Kelly Reed Daulton, Templeton