Letters to the Editor

Anti-vaccine documentary ‘Vaxxed’ is wrong about autism

Nicole Dorfman’s support of the movie “Vaxxed” (June 25) is misguided. Most fundamentally, a careful look at the actual, real evidence does not show that any vaccine causes autism. “Vaxxed” focuses on a single study done several years ago, but the weight of all other studies conclusively shows that the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine does not cause autism.

“Vaxxed” focuses on a single organization: the CDC. But health organizations, governments and even autism support groups around the world agree that vaccines don’t cause autism. Ms. Dorfman quoted the whistleblower featured in “Vaxxed,” William Thompson, but he actually said, “[Our results do] not mean that there was a true association between the MMR vaccine and autism-like features … 

The director of the movie, Andrew Wakefield, had his medical license revoked in Britain because of his claims about vaccines and autism. Researcher Brian Hooker, featured in the film, had a paper retracted from a scientific journal because of “undeclared conflicts of interest and invalid statistics and methods.” That paper made the same claim made in the movie about African-American boys, autism and vaccines.

Paul Rinzler, Arroyo Grande