Letters to the Editor

Harsher gun laws won’t make America safer

Myself, like most people, am outraged by gun violence; however, unlike most who write into your paper, I DO NOT support harsher gun legislation.

Fact: Anyone who wants to commit a malicious/horrifying crime/mass shooting/act of terror will be successful regardless of current/future gun legislation.

Why? Fact: These individuals do not care/follow laws. If they did, they would not be committing these atrocities! If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will own guns. It is true!

The “law-abiding citizen” won’t have a gun to defend himself, his family or loved ones. However, the individuals who have no regard for the law/human life can easily obtain any gun through the black market/gangs/illegal gun trade. This is not “going to your local gun show” for weapons they want/need to commit these atrocities, but through “other channels.” So what does further gun legislation do? It takes the rights of “law-abiding citizens” away, and makes it easier for criminals/terrorists/mentally challenged individuals to wreak havoc on citizens and their children.

I am not a NRA member, nor a gun fanatic — just a citizen with common sense!

Wake up, America, and take off your blinders. This will not stop them!

Debi Simon, Paso Robles