Letters to the Editor

It’s time to rethink Cambria district general manager’s pay

Like other Cambrian readers, Cambria Community Services General Manager Jerry Gruber’s salary seems out of line for a town of 6,000 residents.

And it seems especially excessive when compared to Gov. Jerry Brown’s salary. Brown is paid about $174,000 to govern the largest state in the Union with 37 million people.

Gruber makes $173,929 a year — about the same amount as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s $179,000 salary, which ranks fifth among all other governors. In many states, the governors could be making less than Gruber.

And it gets worse: locked-in raises will bring his salary to about $221,000 by 2020. Shouldn’t we rethink Gruber’s compensation package?

Bill Lakin, Cambria