Letters to the Editor

Donation of Justin Vineyards land is not a generous act

The June 28 Tribune Opinion Page had not a mention of the recent controversy regarding the destruction and denuding of land done by the Wonderful Co. and the Resnicks, who own Justin Winery, Fiji Water and POM. How quickly we forget.

Please do not confuse culprit with honesty: The Resnicks were caught. Were they lawbreakers? No. Are they immoral? Yes, resoundingly.

Please do not confuse donation of the land with magnanimity, generosity or selflessness. The offer to plant 5,000 new oak trees will not affect the displaced wildlife of today, the nests of hawks or the camouflage of other wildlife. Who is going to water said trees?

The photos of the before and after of the “renovation” of Justin Winery where oak trees were ripped out with impunity are not discussed.

Congratulations to the local restaurants that stopped selling Justin wines and to those who protested where Fiji Water and POM products are sold.

Shame on you if you are a consumer of these products; wake up to reality.

No, I am not jealous of billionaires. I am delighted I live in a country where there is opportunity for all; however, I object to immoral people being canonized.

Theresa Bachoc, Paso Robles