Letters to the Editor

A desperate attempt to promote being conservative

A self-professed conservative, Mike Morgan claimed (Letters, “At least conservatives have their heads screwed on right,” June 24) the Bernie Sanders vote was “spiked by emotional fools,” comprised of progressive youth and women who are “recklessly stupid.” This from a man who no doubt still needs his grandson to program his obsolete VCR.

Then the misogynist desperately attempts to make the case that conservatives vote with “consideration” (as in anti-abortion laws?), deliberation (shutting down the federal government?) and common sense. (Common, yes. Sense, not so much.)

Mike referred to local liberal politicians as “zombies,” a term that best describes his own “Night of The Living Dead” ilk.

He also wrote that liberal candidates stir emotions with “faux promises.” What about that Great Border Wall of Mexico your mendacious leader Donald Trump is promising?

Speaking of Trump, the presumptive conservative nominee for president, while in Scotland, made an uninformed (stupid?) statement, implying Scotland voted to leave the European Union. Wrong.

Mike, research a few intelligent conservatives such as Richard Viguerie and David Brooks.

I suggest you take a recess from Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly. They will dumb you down to your last pair of fashion retentive white polyester pants.

Ron Neal, Paso Robles