Letters to the Editor

Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant stands in the way of progress

Once again, the nuke fans are wailing about us poor ignoramuses who don’t understand that nuclear power is the way and the light. They’re begging PG&E to change its mind because the shutdown of Diablo Canyon will mean a big increase in fossil fuels and global warming because renewable energy can never do the job.

You folks are aware that Diablo is blocking the development of wind and solar power, right? You know that wind and solar facilities are ordered to shut down when there’s surplus power on the electrical grid because Diablo can’t, and this will be the case for as long as Diablo sits on the grid, right? Do you have a plan for what to do with all the additional nuclear waste you want to generate?

Renewables can replace nuclear power, and PG&E admitted it in the agreement it just signed. Put away your arguments, nuclear fans. It’s really time to say goodbye to the 20th century and nuclear power.

Joan Carter, San Luis Obispo