Letters to the Editor

Citizens’ Climate Lobby hopes to spark bipartisan action

For years, congressional inaction on global warming despite worsening environmental impacts has been alarming. However, a promising path through congressional gridlock is being blazed in the House by a heroic group of Republicans and Democrats led by Reps. Carlos Curbelo, R-Florida, and Ted Deutch, D-Florida.

On Feb. 3, these two representatives, assisted by Citizens’ Climate Lobby, formed the House Climate Solutions Caucus. The goal of this modern-day Noah’s Ark is bipartisan legislative solutions to mitigate global warming, thus reducing impacts such as sea level rise and coastal flooding.

Original Noah’s Ark inhabitants entered two-by-two based on gender. These modern ark members enter two-by-two based on party affiliation.

On June 18, there were 16 members.

From June 19 through 21, over 1,000 CCL volunteers attended our annual CCL June Conference and Lobby Day in Washington, D.C.

Several CCL lobby meetings resulted in representatives, from both sides of the aisle, committing to join the House Climate Solutions Caucus. CCL is proving that respectful and organized citizen advocacy is powerful and effective. Please join us in advocating for bipartisan climate change mitigation legislation.

Sharon Rippner, San Luis Obispo