Letters to the Editor

The Letters section is no place for personal attacks

I think The Tribune should add one more caveat to its guidelines about letters to the editor: No gratuitous insults or personal comments.

The recent letter from Mike Morgan (“At least conservatives have their heads screwed on right,” June 24) was full of insults about liberals, Bernie Sanders supporters and “our local, liberal zombie politicians.”

And he is entitled to express that opinion, though I doubt anyone’s mind would be changed by name-calling.

However, when he makes a personal comment about a well-known Tribune columnist’s attire (“Tom, the shirt and cargo shorts — I know it’s hard, but they gotta go”), I suggest that should be edited out.

I can think of lots of well-known people whose clothes, physique, friends, etc., I might not like, but that’s hardly what I’d be writing about.

So, please revise your guidelines and/or do more editing.

Judith Bernstein, Arroyo Grande