Letters to the Editor

Adam Hill is the unprincipled candidate, not Dan Carpenter

Dan Carpenter claps as election return numbers are read.
Dan Carpenter claps as election return numbers are read. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

Thank you, Tribune editors, for including articles from Tom Fulks. His column is as funny as his claims are ridiculous! A couple glaring examples from his June 19 column (“SLO County Democrats are strong for Bernie, but slow to rally for local liberal candidates”):

Fulks claims that Dan Carpenter is in the grasp of the developers! Ha!

A quick review of Adam Hill’s financial disclosures reveals that between January 2015 and the present, a large sum of Hill’s total contributions come from sources that are directly or indirectly tied to development and construction. Hill gets the big developer bucks either because they want to buy Hill’s favor and/or they need to ward off probable retribution from Hill if they don’t support him.

Implying that Carpenter is unprincipled is laughable. Hill is the only unprincipled candidate in the District 3 supervisory race. Carpenter has merely pointed out Hill’s ongoing tawdry, threatening and boorish behavior.

I realize that all Fulks can do is try to shoot the messenger because he can’t refute the truth about Hill’s core character.

Fact-checking by interested voters will reveal numerous written, video and audio accounts of Hill’s disturbing behavior.

Keep up the good work Tom! With your columns, who needs the funny pages?

Curtis Reinhardt, Grover Beach