Letters to the Editor

SLO grand jury couldn’t spot an oxymoron if it were in front of them

This sad excuse for a grand jury (“Grand jury calls SLO County’s minor use permit system an oxymoron,” June 20) couldn’t even get the title of their only report right: an oxymoron requires two opposing elements, like “military intelligence” or “government efficiency.”

Just saying “minor use permits” is not an oxymoron.

The report may have more than 35 pages, but most of them are copies of forms. There are fewer than six pages of any substance.

As a former grand juror on two excellent Juries (2013-14 and 2014-15) with many in-depth and effective reports, this is an appallingly poor showing.

And I hear rumors that this feeble effort may be the only report issued. This jury appears to be weird and dysfunctional, and this report verifies that.

I am proud of my service, I wonder if these jurors are of theirs.

Jon Hartz Sr., Arroyo Grande