Letters to the Editor

Time to give the Second Amendment a second glance

Phil Dirkx is absolutely right about the need to re-examine the Second Amendment (“We need to regulate guns — and evaluate the Second Amendment,” June 16).

The primary function of any government is to protect the country from outside attack, and that is precisely what the Second Amendment does. Nowhere in our Constitution is any mention made of establishing an army or what to do if we are attacked — until we come to the amendments. Namely, the Second, which creates a “well-regulated militia” to protect the country.

While we Americans have the right to keep and bear arms, we should not forget that our government does have some control over the firearms that can be sold to and used by civilians — like no automatic rifles or .50-caliber machine guns. And because we now have a standing army to protect us, why not put a ban on selling to civilians weapons designed primarily to kill people, such as the AR-15?

Clement Salvadori, Atascadero