Letters to the Editor

Lucia Mar school district should have been putting students first

The Lucia Mar Unified School District’s plea for a bond levy on homeowners is a very clever hoax. The survey is a ploy to rate so-called capital needs while every survey response will be deemed approval to proceed.

Arroyo Grande High School has just finished a building upgrade and Nipomo High School is relatively new. Did the board fail to provide sufficient labs for technical education and vocational courses?

Pictures of decay demonstrate an appalling lack of a comprehensive maintenance program. The facilities staff may work hard, but clearly the board’s commitment to a comprehensive maintenance program is lacking. The roof leaks, so the solution is to tear down the building and get a new one! Come on!

Wouldn’t you think by now that facilities for students with disabilities would have been taken care of? It’s been a mandate for years.

Why aren’t student safety procedures written in coordination with police and sheriff’s departments, together with necessary equipment and fencing already in place?

Seriously, this bond offering is costing homeowners dearly, has been caused by boards historically setting wrong priorities. Priorities should be teacher salaries, maintenance and safety then allocation for other expenditures. Teaching takes place at school — cut back on administration expenses.

Frank Loversky, Arroyo Grande