Letters to the Editor

Upper Salinas water district is hopeful for progress

The Upper Salinas-Las Tablas Resource Conservation District is greatly concerned about the impacts of the recent actions in our county regarding soil and water issues.

However, it is encouraging to see that community members are concerned about protecting the natural resources of this area. The reason the RCD exists is to provide technical assistance to landowners and help them find harmony between what they need from their land and what is sustainable for the future.

Our mission is to “provide services and education to landowners supporting their management and stewardship of soil, water and natural resources.”

As we continue to grapple with the enormous consequences of the drought, the RCD is here to help facilitate a conversation about watershed health and to help come up with a plan to protect our local watersheds, while respecting the rights of individual landowners.

Our county has been presented with an opportunity to make decisions that can protect our way of life. A watershed management plan, with input from key stakeholders, is an essential piece of this puzzle that we are missing. If we work together — landowners, local government, natural resource experts — perhaps we can find innovative solutions to some of our most pressing issues and protect our heritage.

Devin Best, Executive Director of the Upper Salinas-Las Tablas Resource Conservation District, Salinas