Letters to the Editor

Donald Trump presidency would do great harm

Reluctant Donald Trump supporters believe a Trump presidency will be held in check with our bicameral Congress. Anti-Hillary Clinton folks who vote for Donald with this belief forget Republicans’ most strident complaint about the Obama administration: He is above the law.

President Barack Obama has used executive action to push his agenda more than any of his predecessors — and President George W. Bush used it more than any president before him. Why would anyone believe a President Trump to be anything different?

Until we rid the Congress of lobbyists and big-money influence, and pass fair campaign finance laws, the chances of having an effective check on the executive branch are almost nil.

So, if you want to believe — in the face of hard evidence to the contrary — that a Trump presidency will do no harm, be prepared for what your wishful thinking could produce: President Trump declaring your race, your religion, your skin color or ethnicity to be the enemy of the state.

Of course we all believe that could never happen in the United States of America, but …

David Deick, Atascadero