Letters to the Editor

NRA needs to step out of the way of gun control

As a retired California peace officer, I applaud the combat veterans who took on Wayne LaPierre’s “good guys with guns” fantasy — an unusually cruel response to the grieving parents following the Sandy Hook massacre of 26 first-graders and their teachers.

The “good guys with guns” myth ignores the fact that Columbine had an armed guard.

In my 30 years, I personally witnessed successful surprise attacks even though armed officers were present.

NRA and LaPierre are controlled by a small, but extremely vocal, right wing group of the NRA — preventing every effort to improve gun safety. They threatened gun sellers and gun manufacturers who planned to make and sell smart guns.

The fact that smart guns would save the lives of children did not matter.

They control a distorted narrative of the Second Amendment that overshadows the First Amendment’s right to life.

Congress failed to pass several gun safety laws, but at least it exposed who the gun safety opponents are in Congress.

Only 8 percent of Americans recently polled opposed background checks as a form of gun control. It is time for Americans to reclaim the country at the polls in November.

Jim Carlisle, Atascadero