Letters to the Editor

Poor human foresight is hurting animals around us

There has been an alarming prominence in the news of human stupidity resulting in the death of wildlife.

First there were some tourists whose “help” resulted in a baby bison being euthanized.

Then a gorilla, whose home in the zoo a 4-year-old broke into, was shot and killed.

And now alligators are being killed in Florida after a man took his kids wading in alligator country with horrific, if unsurprising, results.

The geysers of Yellowstone should be grateful no one has proposed dynamiting them after a tourist recently walked into one.

Have Americans gotten so disconnected from the natural world, experiencing it only as a digital image on a flat screen, that we blunder near the real thing? Do our minds not register it as anything more significant than a TV show? And thus we walk into situations that our ancestors would have instinctively avoided out of respect or fear.

We don’t have enough wildlife left to sacrifice it to our intelligence failures.

John Cox, Atascadero