Letters to the Editor

If Pearl Harbor were attacked today

If Pearl Harbor were attacked today, President Barack Obama would send Secretary of State John Kerry to Japan to negotiate a peace treaty.

Kerry would apologize for the cause of the attack, which was the U.S. cutting off oil supplies to Japan. Economic assistance would be offered.

Obama would give a speech. He would say that we do not want war. If we intimidate the Japanese, what might the Germans do? If we, peace-loving Americans that we are, were to offend the Japanese, then Germany might also be offended. He would offer to send Kerry to Germany after his visit to Japan.

The president would also insist that we ban aircraft carriers. Why do we need weapons like that anyway? Look what the Japanese just did with their aircraft carriers in this recent “unfortunate incident.” He would not call this an “attack,” because that would be politically incorrect.

The president would announce his intention to travel to Japan, Germany and Italy to make further concessions, reparations and apologies. He would offer to assist with the massive refugee problem. The U.S. would take in millions of displaced citizens, but there would be no mention of how they all became displaced.

Michael Delbar, Paso Robles