Letters to the Editor

Show some respect, Cal Poly grads

Commencement at Cal Poly in 2015 at Alex G. Spanos stadium.
Commencement at Cal Poly in 2015 at Alex G. Spanos stadium. ldickinson@thetribunenews.com

We were thrilled to see our grandson graduate from Cal Poly last Saturday. What a moment for him and our family, and for everyone else there that day.

However, we were astounded that so many students left the ceremony as soon as their own walk across the stage was over. Even more upsetting was watching their families stand up and follow them out of the stadium. By the time the ceremony was over, I and a family group of about 10 people were the only ones in our entire section of the stands. The vast majority of the students were gone. Even some of the faculty had left.

I went up to that family and thanked them for staying. The patriarch of the group turned to me and said, “they have no respect.” I have to agree.

That’s exactly how it felt — like the graduates and their families had no concern about anyone but themselves.

This behavior reflected badly on the college, the students and the Cal Poly family. It was inconsiderate and rude. I wondered what the dignitaries on stage thought as the stadium slowly emptied with the program not even half over.

To become a graduate is a privilege and an honor. It was hard work for every single person who earned a degree … even those last few students whose names were called in a largely empty stadium. Couldn’t the graduating class and their families give support to every single person who made it to this day?

Toni P. Rubick, Camarillo