Letters to the Editor

When is a water emergency not a water emergency in Cambria?

So, when is a water emergency not a water emergency? It seems that the Cambria Community Services District continues to keep a Stage 3 water emergency in place because it gives the CSD the room to outmaneuver the acting California Coastal Commission director and extend the time to file an environmental impact report on the “emergency” — no “sustainable,” no “advanced,” no “repurposed” water treatment plant it originally scrambled to get constructed when there really was no water emergency to begin with. (Conservation was working to avoid the necessity for that fiasco of a project.)

The San Luis Obispo County planning commissioner says they need not worry about “emergency operating” permit deadlines for the plant, or the overdue environmental report, as long as they keep the Stage 3 emergency in place. So, do we have a water emergency, or a paperwork emergency? I leave the answer to those of us who still have some integrity and sense of logic to figure out. Demand better government, Cambrians!

Melvin Dorin, Cambria