Letters to the Editor

New Morro Bay High pool leaves adults out in the cold

Morro Bay High School pool site.
Morro Bay High School pool site. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

Well, I just read that I am going to have to shower outside in the cold after taking my early-morning swim at the “state-of-the-art” new aquatics center at Morro Bay High School. This pool is a dream come true, and some expect it to decently accommodate the folks paying for the pool.

The fact is, all of the adults who use the new facility must shower outside. That should be great fun and wonderfully private. School administrators who refined the design are right on one point: If you have to shower outside in the wind and rain, nearly freezing in 35- to 45-degree weather after getting out of an 80-degree pool, you would, in fact, use less water to shower.

I guess spending a few dollars more so adults could use what was billed as a “community” pool and take a shower indoors fell on deaf ears. Yep, you and your children will pay for it, and then have to pay again for the privilege to use it with no say in design.

Dave Stevens, Cayucos