Letters to the Editor

Why Californians aren’t voting for Republicans


Re: Matthew Hoy’s commentary on May 29 (“California’s Republican Party is broken ...”):

He talks about his coffee klatch with Al Fonzi. Noting his statement that “Democrats are poison to the needs of working-class people,” it’s like watching two guys standing on the railroad tracks and not being able to yell loud enough as the train approaches.

Gentlemen, Republicans stand in the way of unions, education spending, a living wage, paid family leave, financial reform, sustainable energy, universal health care and infrastructure. Republicans have a baffling interest in controlling others’ lives and life decisions. Our pals grieve over coffee: “Why are those that we would subjugate or disenfranchise not be interested in voting our candidates in?”

Those who are not 1 percenters and vote for conservative candidates clearly vote against their best interests. The Republican Party of my youth is nonexistent, replaced by a radical, unrealistic vision of something that probably never existed, fractured and myopically hoping for popular support for a stale ideology. That mythical world never existed.

Have another cup, boys. The caffeine may stir you to look at what our real challenges are. If conservatives embrace living wages, climate change, human dignity ... we may come around.

Allen Root, San Luis Obispo