Letters to the Editor

Dawn Ortiz-Legg has long been a supporter of veterans

I am so pleased to see that Dawn Ortiz-Legg will be continuing her race for the 35th District Assembly seat. She is a well-informed consensus builder who is all about the little guy.

Her stand against the Iraq war recognized the insanity of sending our young men and women to risk their limbs and lives in a battle that most people agree should never have happened. Dawn has long been a supporter of vets. She has focused her abundant energy on creating jobs for them as well as many others in our community.

She will be a very effective advocate for those of us privileged to live in the 35th District because she listens, reflects and then forms an opinion before taking a stand on an issue. She is beholden to no one and is not an ideologue. She is all about the common good.

I can’t wait to vote for her again in November.

Anne McGlynn, San Luis Obispo