Letters to the Editor

Where would water come from for Paso Robles home project?

What is the Paso Robles Planning Commission thinking? Where does it envision the water for 271 new homes in the River Oaks development coming from? Please don’t say Lake Nacimiento.

Are planners trading the near-term fees the developer will put in the city’s pocket for the long-term well-being of our city? Are they so ill informed as to not know that our drought is not over and may be the new normal? Do they not read what the climatologists are saying about the future of water in the West? If the City Council approves this project, it will be the height of civic irresponsibility.

Why should the citizens of Paso Robles bother saving water when their city government is so profligate with this precious and dwindling resource?

Jane Carey, Paso Robles