Letters to the Editor

Jared Springer’s prom a testament to SLO’s friendliness


Just finished the great article on the “alternate” prom set up and held for this brave young man, Jared Springer, by many in San Luis Obispo (“Teen with brain tumor finally gets a prom after being barred,” May 28). What a great way to start this new week — and to once again be thankful for all that we have here on the Central Coast.

I know there are many who criticize “the happiest place on Earth” — who will hopefully read this article and realize that while we are only human, there is a spirit here of friendship, goodwill and caring that is often missing in communities (meaning our entire country), which are so much larger and not held together by a common desire for understanding, compassion and paying it forward.

It would be nice if we were able to stretch this kind of treatment of one awesome young man to all. And I think we can — it just takes a little more work.

Carol Kiessig, Paso Robles