Letters to the Editor

Debbie Arnold under attack from liberals

As we approach Election Day, it is clear that the liberal/progressives in San Luis Obispo County are working feverishly to get one of their liberal people elected in the conservative 5th District so they can once again control the board of supervisors.

Interestingly, the elected Santa Margarita Advisory council, who are there to provide the supervisors and others the sense of the community, voted to support the Santa Margarita rock quarry. Yet those opposed criticize Debbie Arnold for supporting the will of the local elected advisers in that region. Debbie has worked hard to listen to the people in her district and works hard to understand the issues. She is both approachable and responsive. She supports the values and interests of the majority of the people in the 5th District.

Join me in voting for Arnold, who will continue to keep our concerns in the forefront and will work hard to support us.

Ray Johnson, Atascadero