Letters to the Editor

Justin Fareed commercials point to his inability to act

In my opinion, Justin Fareed’s commercials have been the most entertaining of the 24th Congressional District.

From the debut commercial that at first looked like it was a clone of a “cougarlife.com” commercial, to the latest one where he’s standing and talking next to a leaky pipe and not taking any action to stop the leak. If you say you’re going to stop the leak, then do it in the commercial!

Show rather than tell, Mr. Fareed. By simply standing by and not doing anything, you’re just acting like every other politician. About that — Mr. Fareed, you are a politician. I know Mr. Fareed clearly states that he’s the only nonpolitician in the race, but the dictionary states otherwise.

A politician means not only the holder of the office, but also the “candidate seeking the office.” Don’t believe me? Check out the Oxford English Dictionary, or Dictionary.com, or any other one.

Drip, drip, drip. And if you’re a third-generation cattle rancher who went to UCLA and is a VP in your father’s company, that’s very establishment, too. If only someone could ride in on a horse and save us all?

Kurtis Addison, Grover Beach