Letters to the Editor

Debbie Arnold’s honesty deserves your vote

Campaign literature sometimes is outright deceit. This is evident in the seedy world of slate mailers.

If you are on record as having voted in our local election, this month, your mailbox will jam up with photo-filled mailers in advance of the June 7 primary.

We have another perfect example here with San Luis Obispo County supervisor of District 5.

Eric Michielssen is on a paid advertisement mailer that makes it look like he is a Republican, when in fact, he is a Democrat. On this endorsement there is an asterisk. That asterisk indicates that he, the candidate, has paid to be on this slate mailer. No party is, or has endorsed him at all. The real fact is that the San Luis Obispo Republican Party endorsed Debbie Arnold for county supervisor.

The only thing worse than the mailers themselves are the people who pay for misleading information to be placed on them.

Voters must read the fine print on the mailer: Appearance is paid for and authorized by each candidate and ballot measure which is designated by an asterisk.

This mailer is false advertising.

Vote for Debbie Arnold the honest candidate who works for the people of San Luis Obispo County.

Edward Veek, Atascadero