Letters to the Editor

Justin Fareed’s money wont buy voters’ respect


Justin Fareed has completely lost my respect

Aspiring politician Fareed is off to a horrible start. What could have been an inspiring candidate is nothing more than a spoiled rich kid bypassing hard work to buy his way into a job. News flash: Congress isn’t for kids. And it’s becoming very apparent that Justin is absolutely unprepared for the responsibility.

From the start, Justin’s campaign has been riddled with red flags. From backpedaling on his commitment to attend the first Republican debate of the entire campaign season — instead attending the UCLA versus Cal football game — to actively ill-speaking about his opponents from day 1, to his latest snub of Republican front-runner Katcho Achadjian with a campaign ad that transcends negative and dives head first into slimy. Justin does not belong in Congress. I would expect this sort of behavior from establishment candidates, not the next generation. If this is the “next generation leadership,” he so adamantly promotes, I want nothing to do with it.

Justin and his parents may be able to buy his campaign, but money doesn’t buy dignity and it surely doesn’t buy my respect.

Bill Henderson, Santa Barbara