Letters to the Editor

America must follow California’s Lead on Gun Safety

When I was a young child, my sister used our father’s gun to commit suicide. Such unfathomable grief should never have to be endured by any family. Unfortunately, gun violence strikes at the hearts of communities across America every day — including in our own community of Isla Vista two years ago.

We cannot accept the status quo that is America’s horrific epidemic of gun violence. That is why I applaud California’s State Senate for passing historic legislation to improve the safety of our gun sale and manufacture practices last month. Now, Congress must follow California’s lead on gun violence.

The American people are clamoring for common-sense measures to keep our families safe from gun violence. We must expand background checks to all firearm purchases and close loopholes in our laws to prevent terrorists, domestic abusers and those who pose a threat to themselves or others from obtaining deadly weapons.

In Congress, I will work tirelessly to keep guns and other deadly weapons out of the hands of those who pose a danger to our society. It is time we honor the victims of gun violence and their families with real action to curb gun violence and save lives.

Salud Carbajal, Supervisor of Santa Barbara County who is running for Congress