Letters to the Editor

Dan Carpenter is a candidate who stands in the middle of extremes

Regarding John Severson’s letter (“Why say ‘Democrat’ but not ‘Republican,’ ” May 27). Mr.Severson, labels are for bugs and file folders, they rarely describe who people really are.

I am not a Democrat, Republican or nonpartisan; I am an educated voter.

Mr.Severson stated: “Republican extremes seem much farther apart than are Democratic extremes.”

I disagree. Both parties and their supporters are so far out of touch with the voters of our country that we are seeing a large percentage of them, including myself, supporting candidates who stand on their own. SLO County has one of those individuals running for 3rd District Supervisor.

That individual is Dan Carpenter. Dan, unlike one of his opponents, is not bought and paid for by political parties touting their own agenda, wealthy developers or outsiders. A man who treats everyone with respect even when he disagrees with them (including me). As a SLO city councilman he is an honest, hardworking, a multi-generational resident who is genuinely concerned about San Luis Obispo County and its residents, regardless of their political affiliations. So I am asking the residents of District 3 to vote for Carpenter and elect someone who can stand on his own.

Michelle Tasseff, San Luis Obispo