Letters to the Editor

Jordan Cunningham would help lower tuition

The California state college system is broken. There is one candidate for state Assembly who understands this and has the will to do something about it: Jordan Cunningham. State universities are supposed to be the affordable ones, the alternatives for students whose families can’t afford private universities. What a sad and expensive road we’ve gone down.

Our public universities may still be cheaper options, but without student aid they’ll still cost your parents a second mortgage on their home, or you’ll leave painfully in debt from student loans — or if you’re really lucky, both! As a college student, I know firsthand how inefficiently and irresponsibly our high tuition fees are spent. We need reform and we need to cut waste.

I implore for students, future students and all those affected by the California public college system to vote for Cunningham for State Assembly. Jordan is adamantly opposed to the tuition increases we’ve seen happening at our public universities (increases that only benefit administrative pockets) and he will fight to make college affordable for future generations.

Paul Sullivan, San Luis Obispo