Letters to the Editor

Adam Hill brings strength to SLO County

A person is measured by their words and their deeds. As a person searching for truth and conviction in our representatives to make the choices that most benefit the environment, the people and the economy , I found that person to be Adam Hill.

I see his passion and heartfelt care for this community and its beautiful natural amenities when he helped spawn the Pismo Preserve Trail Project and expansion of the Bob Jones Bike Trail. I see his compassion for equality and fairness when he helps to drive the effort for a new homeless regional services center, his contribution to the Central Coast Senior Center or by supporting local adoptive services at the opening of the new headquarters of the Family Care Network.

I see his strength and empowerment when he co-chairs the strategy for Economic Vitality Corp., or supports a grant for Transition Towns to put on a re-skilling expo.

It is evidently expressed in the notes of gratitude that are displayed on his website from people from all over the county and beyond that appreciate Adam’s values, views and the positive choices he has made on behalf of the land and the lives of this county.

Monique Grajeda, San Luis Obispo