Letters to the Editor

Katcho Achadjian more interested in power than helping others

I find it increasingly aggravating that one of the most self-interested politicians I have ever come across is still considered a possible candidate to replace Lois Capps as our next representative.

As an Assembly member, Katcho Achadjian has broken almost every promise he has ever made. He has voted to raise taxes, increase regulations and he has supported measures that make it easier for undocumented workers to live in the shadows. Katcho even tried to further local bureaucracy by supporting a Paso Robles water district at the expense of the taxpayers even though three-quarters of these taxpayers harshly opposed the idea. Katcho continued to advocate for his plan — even as it was being severely rejected — in order to please the special interests that are now funding his Congressional campaign. Surprised? Neither am I.

Katcho is nothing but another power hungry politician who is looking for his next promotion. Almost any other candidate in the race would be better suited to serve us than him. However, I’m voting for Justin Fareed.

Allen Duckworth, Paso Robles