Letters to the Editor

Debbie Arnold has done enough to earn your vote

I’ve known the Arnold family young and old for 75 years.

They have a stellar reputation as good farmer/ranchers and a positive force in San Luis Obispo County. As County Supervisor Debbie Arnold has upheld the honor of the Arnold family name.

During my 16 years on the Atascadero City Council, I observed Debbie’s growth as a Legitatve Assistant, candidate and the past three-plus years as our District 5 County Supervisor. She is knowledgeable, always prepared, firm with her convictions and just a nice person to boot.

She brought the ordinance banning spice before the County Board of Supervisors. It passed unanimously. Getting this poison out of our county will save the lives and minds of our youth. Arnold is doing a fine job, and has earned your vote for relection.

Jerry Clay, Atascadero