Letters to the Editor

Look to Michielssen for pragmatic problem solving

Regarding the District 5 supervisor race, former Atascadero Mayor Ellen Beraud hit the nail on the head in her recent letter of May 28: “What we get from Arnold (the incumbent) is nothing — no solutions to pressing problems, nor any accomplishments.”

Delivering nothing seems to be Arnold’s bizarre goal — trying to prove government doesn’t work by consistently obstructing reasonable solutions. Problem solving becomes impossible in such an environment, paralyzing government.

Not only is this counter to the oath of office, the best interests of our communities are put aside when a supervisor chooses to conduct themselves in such an extreme way. Four more years of continued obstruction without solutions is all we can expect if she is re-elected.

In contrast, challenger Eric Michielssen is a pragmatic problem-solver with a diverse business and NGO background and with a temperament well-suited to facts-based governance. Critical to fostering consensus in a nonpartisan local office intended to serve all of us, his support is from all sides of the political spectrum.

You have the opportunity to restore integrity and responsible leadership to District 5 next Tuesday by voting for Eric Michielssen.

Charles Kleemann, Santa Margarita