Letters to the Editor

Katcho’s kindness remembered

I was 18, hugely pregnant and out of gas on a hot summer day. To say I was freaking out was an understatement. I walked to the nearest Shell station in Arroyo Grande and asked the gentleman for a gas can. He kindly smiled at me and asked where my car was. He filled up the gas can and drove me to my car. This gracious, quiet man put the gas in my car, and told me to follow him back to the station. He then filled my tank. I went to pay for my gas and thank him for helping me; he smiled that fatherly smile and said “No, put it away. You’re welcome.”

I’ve never forgotten the day Katcho Achadjian instilled in me the value of community, of helping those in need and always giving without asking for anything in return. I was in need, and he was there. He didn’t have to do that … but I could tell he couldn’t help it. That’s just who he is. He loves people.

I believe investment in community is what we need in Congress. Katcho values people and the community. Katcho is what we need.

Amy Williams, Oceano