Letters to the Editor

Katcho Achadjian is more than just a politician


Katcho Achadjian is not a politician. Katcho is a community leader, a public servant, and a man who I’ll be proud to call my next congressman. After being elected three times to the state Assembly — most of the time by more than 60 percent of the vote — Katcho has remained down-to-earth and makes himself available to his constituents. Whether it’s attending a charity event or a fundraiser for a person in need, Katcho is there to listen, ask questions and show support by example — not just rhetoric.

For example, AB 65, a bill authored by Katcho, reversed a loophole denying rape victims justice if consent was falsely obtained and the victim was unmarried. After prosecutors across the state brought the issue to Sacramento’s attention and were turned away by every legislator, they found a listening ear in Katcho, who spearheaded AB 65. In his words, AB 65 was a “no brainer.”

Katcho is a skillful policymaker who looks at both sides of an issue, gathers and processes critical information, and formulates effective strategies for successful solutions. With a diverse background in business as a small-business owner, local and state government experience, Katcho is the right person for the job of our next congressman.

Kris Vardas, Pismo Beach