Letters to the Editor

Debbie Arnold should not be punished for Las Pilitas vote


I am a member of the Santa Margarita Area Advisory Council, a committee that advises the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors on issues pertaining to Santa Margarita and the outlying areas. I was present when the thoughtful decisision was made to support the proposed rock quarry.

There was a clear majority on the Advisory Council when the decision was made to support the proposed project. The reason being that in the event of a major earthquake or severe flooding, a sustainable aggregate supply would be important to the North County.

Debbie Arnold did her homework and came to the same conclusion.

If you opposed the project and are voting against Arnold for this one vote, I ask you to reconsider and look at her entire voting record, which has consistently held true to the four principles she ran on: Hold government accountable by offering common-sense reforms that improve county services, promote a healthy local economy that creates jobs, protect our open space and rural way of life, and make fire protection and sheriff patrols a top priority.

Robert Righetti, Santa Margarita