Letters to the Editor

Eric Michielssen will make Santa Margarita safer than Arnold has


The May 24 letter from S.C. Tannler (“Arnold vote on Las Pilitas quarry put the community interests first”), dismissing the significant impacts to public safety from the proposed quarry in Santa Margarita, faithfully parrots the project applicant’s well-funded campaign of misinformation.

This is precisely what 5th District Supervisor Debbie Arnold did when she voted in favor of the proposal to remove a mountain by explosion, located on a site adjacent to homes, and push an average of 273 double-belly gravel trucks past an elementary school, homes, the community park and through the small town of Santa Margarita before reaching Highway 101 en route to the final destination.

The impacts imposed outweighed the three to five jobs that would have been created. It was determined that another source of aggregate would have a negligible effect on the price of a home, and that the region has adequate reserves of aggregate to meet projected demand.

It’s curious that Tannler, a Morro Bay resident, thinks “Santa Margarita is a better place to live because of Debbie Arnold …”

Really? Look at the yard signs in Santa Margarita. It is overwhelmingly obvious who residents think will make Santa Margarita a better and safer place to live. Vote for Eric Michielssen on June 7.

Marjorie Burkhardt, Santa Margarita