Letters to the Editor

Ortiz-Legg would represent us well in Assembly


Dawn Ortiz-Legg is a candidate for our district in the state Assembly. A vote for her will help guarantee support for the interests, needs and general welfare of the people of this district. Dawn’s election would continue to offer the excellent representation we have previously enjoyed.

Dawn has been a resident of the Central Coast for 24 years, taking a major role in supporting worthy causes for the best interest of our constituents. She took an active role in the development of Topaz Solar Farm, which created over 400 construction jobs and provides inexpensive energy for the district. In her public affairs role, she demonstrates strong support for schools in the region and was instrumental in establishing the Sustainability Resource Center at Cuesta College.

Dawn currently works as a community affairs and construction liaison for renewable energy companies. She also serves on several local boards and commissions to provide needed district services. She has a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in international public policy with a focus on climate change and technology.

Her election to the state Assembly would guarantee our voice and needs being adequately represented and supported in the state Legislature.

Frank R. Martinez, San Luis Obispo