Letters to the Editor

Supervisor Debbie Arnold is a candidate of substance

Debbie Arnold.
Debbie Arnold. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

Again, the voters of the 5th District are being tempted by the siren call to support a “nice guy.”

We have heard that call before. I hope all my friends and neighbors ignore the melodious noise coming from her opponent’s campaign and support Debbie Arnold for another term as 5th District supervisor.

Debbie works tirelessly for the men and women of the 5th District. She listens, seeks counsel and makes her decision based upon facts — not the fleeting passing of current political whims. We have had that type of supervisor before, who follows a narrow political agenda based upon ideology rather than substance. Give me a supervisor I can trust, and that’s Arnold.

Mike Whiteford, Santa Margarita