Letters to the Editor

Bernie Sanders is the heart of this voting generation


If you remember the “Make Love Not War” era, I want to remind you that we changed the world.

We rose up against the establishment and made the country listen. We protested. Back then, would we have voted for a “Donald Trump” or a “Hillary Clinton?” No! We would have voted for a “Bernie Sanders.”

President Richard Nixon won that election and there was a revolution. We are our parent’s age now. We are the establishment. Let’s give the future to the younger generation. We had our day in the sun. Their ideas are coming from the heart as ours were. They are motivated and focused as we were. And they have Bernie. The country is going there anyway. There is no stopping this movement as there was no stopping our movement.

The big difference: we can do this without a revolution if Bernie is elected. Vote for Bernie.

Claudine Blackwell, Paso Robles