Letters to the Editor

Arnold cares for large donors, not the safety of county residents

The Tribune Editorial Board and others would be encouraged by Debbie Arnold’s promise “that safety will be a key consideration in deciding whether Phillips 66 should be allowed to install a rail spur to accommodate crude oil shipments.” There is one noteworthy problem: Arnold told the community of Santa Margarita the exact same thing before she voted in favor of a rock quarry that would have inundated the small rural town with 273 double-belly gravel trucks daily for the next 30 years. It was an empty promise, broken just as the rail spur will be if given a chance to vote.

The profits of Arnold’s large donors drive her decisions, not the health, safety and prosperity of all San Luis Obispo County residents. Her opponent in the San Luis Obispo County District 5 supervisor race is Eric Michielssen. Eric is an advocate for all citizens — one who genuinely cares about the future of SLO County and is guided by objective facts and the long-term health and safety of our communities. I urge you to vote for Mr. Michielssen on June 7.

David Ballantyne, Santa Margarita