Letters to the Editor

Debbie Arnold doesn’t take into account all district residents’ concerns

Al Fonzi’s May 14 letter to the editor extols the current 5th District supervisor, Debbie Arnold, for representing “North County political views,” not those of San Luis Obispo city residents.


Last time I looked, my district includes nearly half of the city, about 20,000 residents. I agree with Fonzi’s observation that Arnold votes as though she represents North County political views solely, but I strongly disagree about that being a reason to vote for her. That is a good reason NOT to vote for her.

The 5th District residents deserve fair representation, and that is why I strongly support Eric Michielssen for supervisor. Arnold does NOT take into account all residents’ concerns, or weigh and balance the facts, but votes, knee-jerk fashion, according to the dictates of North County political extremists. Eric Michielssen, on the other hand, has a balanced, centrist, inclusive, fact-based perspective. He will do an excellent job of representing all the people in his district, North County and city residents included.

Vote for Eric Michielssen!

Jan Marx, mayor of San Luis Obispo