Letters to the Editor

Time to value our neighbors over big business

What are we really voting for when we cast our ballot? Officials who will vote to protect our way of life, our culture and our families?

Or is it now all about individual rights, property, NIMBYism and money?

I just watched the documentary “Where to Invade Next” about how business owners in other countries value their employees, run their education systems, health care and prisons.

Many advanced economies don’t feel it’s good enough to have lower taxes if their neighbors and relatives are struggling and can’t afford homes, health care or education. They have a strong middle class. They don’t have bulging prisons with an 80 percent recidivism rate. And they are some of the happiest societies in the world.

It’s not about becoming a billionaire who doesn’t pay taxes.

We shouldn’t re-elect people who haven’t accomplished anything toward these goals — people who back big business. We need to start at the bottom and vote out officials who only support their buddies.

We are all in this together, and if we don’t end divisiveness in politics, support our neighbors and work together, we won’t have the standard of living we enjoy today, and we’ll all lose.

Christie Withers, San Luis Obispo