Letters to the Editor

Katcho Achadjian offers leadership with a genuine smile

Katcho Achadjian is my chosen candidate for the 24th District congressional race.

He is a proven leader who shares our dream, and who has personally inspired mine throughout my life.

As a young girl of 16, he was my first employer. I had the pleasure of “working the gas pumps” as a station attendant for his newly purchased business, the Arroyo Grande Shell Station, way back in 1978. He was a mere 27 years old and even then an outstanding businessperson and boss.

He continues to lead by example today. He taught me the beauty of kind, personal, quality service and how to treat others fairly. He instilled in me the value of hard work, always with a genuine smile and a kind gesture.

I watched and learned life lessons by his leadership and by his example. I have firsthand experience how his management style and business skills set him apart from the rest, and how he can bring out the best in a person or a situation. Katcho helps foster accountability and creates success.

I would not have become the women, parent, friend, businesswomen or leader I am today without his graceful guidance, support and mentorship throughout my life. He is the perfect person for this job!

Pamela Storton, Pismo Beach