Letters to the Editor

Hands down: Salud Carbajal is better pick over Helene Schneider

This paper’s decision to endorse Helene Schneider for Congress (May 15) shows a disappointing lack of research into its records. The editorial claims that she will fight for her constituents based solely on one instance: her opposition to the Highway 101 project that a small group of wealthy Montecitans have been fighting. The rest of us are on board with the project.

The fact is, when it comes to standing up for, and serving, constituents, Salud Carbajal is the clear leader. My experience of the two says it all: When we were passing Santa Barbara County’s Responsible Pet Owner Ordinance, Salud was out front, even when it was hotly controversial; when Helene was asked to spearhead the ordinance at the city, she handed it off to colleagues to avoid being tarred with the issue. When we were working to ban fracking, Salud endorsed the effort; Helene told us privately that she would endorse, then refused to respond to phone calls or texts until after the election. In our efforts to prevent a huge increase in oil train traffic, Salud was out front early; Helene refused to take a public stand until everyone else had done so.

For me, it’s Salud, hands down.

Lee Heller, Summerland