Letters to the Editor

Debbie Arnold’s votes speak louder than her words


Recently, 5th District Supervisor Debbie Arnold was quoted as saying “that safety will be a key consideration in deciding whether Phillips 66 should be allowed to install a rail spur …” (“SLO County supervisor election: The District 5 dilemma,” April 9).

These are her words, but her past actions did not reflect a concern for safety when she voted to approve the quarry project in Santa Margarita. Where was her concern for safety, given the project would have resulted in hundreds of double-trailer trucks carrying gravel over a narrow, curvy road, passing homes, an elementary school, a park and through our main street of local businesses?

She ignored us when we raised the safety issues of this project. Is she now “concerned” because she is up for re-election? Will she return to her previous voting behavior after the election? I find her past voting record and her actions speak louder than her words, and that concerns me. So, I will vote for Eric Michielssen for 5th District Supervisor. He will listen to everyone, not just a few.

The 5th District race will be decided in the primary. Vote by June 7, and vote with the county’s future well-being in mind.

Janice Carr, Santa Margarita